Privacy Policies of Escortgram

Privacy Policy: The Transparency Act

We acknowledge each user's confirmation by accessing our website, where users authorize us to collect and use their information in accordance with this privacy note if they use's resources and services. According to India's existing data protection laws, we truly confess in this privacy statement to being transparent with users throughout our services about their data privacy on the following key points of the policies:


Our visitors can access all content displayed and reachable throughout the website. There is only that data available which is shared by other users also. Our website users belong to these categories: “advertisers”, “beneficiary users”, “female hookers”, “affiliate publishers”, and the last one are seekers. Advertisers can only rent a space on our website to promote their adult products, services, awareness journals, erotic fanzines etc. We just create a window for other users to watch out for their offerings and hot deals, without forcing them to make a payment. Beneficiary users can also advertise their campaign in exchange for our advertisement on their wall and who are one from us to support sex workers of India. They can’t get any other personal information from other users on our website. Female hookers have their own portfolio for offerings, dates and hookup in their regions of India. They get other users data only if someone connects them via call or sms and email. Otherwise they are just users as like all users. Both sides of users can connect to each other with their own consent. Affiliate publishers are any of those who just want to share their individual links throughout the website in any form of any content like anchor text, image, docs, content.

Data Collection & Third Party

This statement outlines the necessary policies and procedures to collect, use, and disclose information about users as they use our website, in behalf of terms to use, and well-being with your rights to data privacy and security under local law. We may use users' personal information sometimes to deliver cutting-edge goods and enhance more of our services for their early benefit in the future. Our privacy policy directs the use of your personal details, along with how we use cookies and related technology algorithms. We never sell our users data with any third party agencies for our benefits. All the data solely provided by users, which is publicly displayed on our website. If any users found us with real acceptable proofs for their data selling to third parties, are open to take legal action on us without any objection. Because we don’t have a login and registration policy to store users personal data for our benefits. In personal terms, we only keep our users name, email, contact numbers, as per they use our resources, and the rest of the details they are providing with us for their own benefits by sharing them publicly with our adult network.

Obligations and Refund Policies

We strictly disclaim any liability for any loss or harm incurred between any of the users. We are not an intermediary to arrange deals in between. Users with their own consent go with any deal offered by other users. Individuals have the ability to claim or report via email for any false advertised content published by anyone. We are strongly taking action on each report and review for making our platform trustworthy. We reserve the right to remove paid advertisements and premium hookers portfolios without providing a refund for the advertisement space they paid for if their offerings do not meet with our terms and conditions and privacy statements.