Terms of Use Escortgram.in

Conditions of Use - Legal Terms!

Attention Please! Below all these Terms and Conditions are updated as of the following date; We keep updating conditions of use of our adult territory “escortgram.in” and all its “sub properties one refers to dl.escortgram.in" on a constant schedule, and we suggest that visitors assess any variations made since the last moment the visitor used our AdultsBiz Advertising Network or Erotic Society (the website theme based title) or web platform offered by us. By visiting and before using any of the adult territories (the “website domain and subdomains”) online or offline which one legally belongs to Escortgram India, please keep in mind that this “AdultsBiz Advertising Network or Erotic Society” provides open entry to all adults above the age group of 18 only (NOT TO MINORS) from all over the globe who arrive to explore erotic mounts of our weblands (includes all “webpages from domain or subdomains”) for any sort of intention.

Accesibility - Users and Advertisers

We offer our weblands and services, to the all visitors (only 18+ users and advertisers) in priorty of their individual interest and selling goods as well as our own growth also, for the purpose of renting affiliate space to legal adult businesses, casting space for independent female hookers, collecting donation in form of safety packets(condoms) to help and support India's sex workers, and advertisement deals for sex benefits fanzines, media houses or other publishers in our adult territory. Every visitor here is accessing this website in the context of discovering personal benefits, erotic fantasy, self relieving, and enjoyment. We are not involved in or responsible for the relationship between proposers (sellers or advertisers) and beneficiaries (users or buyers). Our adult web platform, the website "escortgram.in with sub-properties", and its whole content is intended for and used by adults only interest. Thus all visitors applied for must to confirm and accept aggrement that they're above 18 years old when they are going to access it. If any users under this age group, who falsely claim to be 18+ or older and deny to acceptance for any legal statements will be comes in VIOLATION OF THE TERMS with their own consent and only responsible for legal actions by any individual entity(by website, visitor, buyer, seller, publisher, media, goverment and other legal official authorities).

Guidelines - Note To Be Followed!

◾ Nudity, pornography, or sexual violations are not allowed here.
◾ Human trafficking speech, whether direct or indirect, will be violated in terms or use.
◾ Hookers are not allowed to use the same phone number for multiple portfolios.
◾ Contact IDs, HTML scripts, and URLs are not approved in the portfolio summary.
◾ False advertising and portfolios are strictly forbidden and should be reported to the law.
◾ Advertisers and hookers are required to approve and hold complete responsibility for uploaded content.
◾ Visitors must agree to the local laws of their state and country to access the website.

Note: To allow access to our adult web territories or their weblands, all visitors including the affiliate advertisers, hookers, and beneficiary users must acknowledge the "Disclaimer of Escortgram.in". And for use the adult resources delivered by us, they all suggested acknowledging the legal terms and conditions outlined, the "privacy policy statements," and the "proposed revision." Make sure! We are fully authorised and have the right to refuse to approve, moderate, delete, suspend, or take legal action against visitors who clearly violate any of the terms mentioned above.